Monday, December 21, 2015

The 10 Ugliest Car Interiors You Will Ever See

People from all over the world love to modify their vehicles.  We have the need to make them our own so that no one else’s vehicle looks like ours.  Before you say”I don’t do that” let me ask you one question.  Do you have any kind of stickers on the back windshield of your vehicle?  Any “My Child Is An Honor Student” or “Keep Honking I’m Reloading” stickers?  Maybe the logo of your favorite band can be seen in your review mirror?  My point is that everyone does it in one way or another.
And that’s not always a good thing.  Some people tend to modify the interior of their vehicles.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with that what so ever but, as many of us know, some people tend to take things way past the point of reason.  Below you will find 10 of the ugliest modified car interiors in the world.

This is probably one of the worst car interiors I’ve ever laid my eyes on.  There are so many antiquated electronic devices horribly installed across the dash of this poor car.  Who really needs that many auxiliary gauges and computer speakers installed in their vehicle?  What’s with the old mini-TV and keyboard shoved into the passenger side?  The audio system features a tape deck, radio head unit, and an equalizer.  All of this technology has been shoehorned inside of car with manual windows and lambo doors.  The interior of this car looks more like something out of a junked out spaceship.

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